Friday, 18 January 2013

KMS Activator for Office 2010 Activation Key download

Every office users are now switching to the Microsoft OFFICE 2012 and they are not aware on how to activate it and they are only getting 30 day trial of product activation. I am now going to share to all of you on how to activate Microsoft Office 2012 and Avoid 30 day trial and will make it to fully genuine and can be used for a life time!.

Today I will tell you the 2 way on how to Activate Microsoft Office 2010. First way is to use KMS Activator for Microsoft Office 2010 in this way we use a working genuine crack. 2nd way is to Activate Manually the Microsoft Office 2010 copy. Below I will put a step by step guide on how to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using  KMS Activator for Office 2010: Genuine Activation Key

Here is now the step by step guide on how to use KMS activator:

1. Download KMS Activator Software for MS office 2010.

File Download Instruction : Click on Slow Down Button for free user downloading and note don't use any download manager because you may face interruption in your downloading

2. First Disable any kind of security software or anti virus installed.

3. Now Run KMS Activator Software.

4. Click on Install/Uninstall KM Service Tab.

5. Click on Activavtion Office 2010 VL.

6. Then you need to follow the instructions inside the window.

7. Now congratulations, your microsoft 2010 is now Genuine.

8. Click on Activation Check office 2010 to check the status of MS office 2010

9. Enjoy Genuine MS office 2012.


  1. I have used office 2010 activator a long time ago it is perfectly safe but i was trying to find out info on how toi use it again here . dunno if u need to turn off updates .i know i did. and my windows is still working


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